Company ELT servis, s.r.o. provides:

1. continuous service of PLC and frequency converters for our regular customers

2. emergency exchange of operating systems

3. emergency exchange of frequency converters up to 100 kW from stockroom

Engineering and manufacturing activities:

Within the range of engineering and manufacturing activity, staff at ELT servis, s.r.o. will provide you with qualified support in the following areas:

  • Running of workshops in the area of industrial automatisation:
    • proposals of industrial automatisation of new mechanical-technical equipment
    • optimalisation of manufacturing processes for existing equipment
    • proposals of conveyor systems, palette and loose materials
  • Consulting services in the area of saving electrical energy in the industry, and analysis of electrical network. Significance of the mentioned activities lies in the energy saving and cost minimization.
    • monitoring systems and consumption of energy systems
    • optimalisation of air conductors and such equipment, with the view to electrical energy saving
    • optimalisation of manufacturing processes with regard to electrical energy saving
  • Project documentation of electrical equipment processing.
    • proposal and processing of project documentation of new mechanical-technical equipment
    • distortion of facts on existing equipment
    • processing of project documentation for building procedures in the industry

Automatisation of manufacturing processes

  • proposals and deliveries of PLC equipment
  • programming of PLC
  • programming of visual stations
  • production of application programs
  • consulting services, and workshops for PLC
  • loading of intelligent drives

Installation of electrical equipment and launch of production

  • installation of electrical equipment
  • installation of pneumatic equipment
  • installation of MaR operations
  • installation and renewal of frequency converters
  • start-up launch of mechanical-technical equipment
  • installation of electrical equipment in hazardous and explosive environment

Manufacture of fuse boxes

  • manufacture of power fuse boxes
  • manufacture of MaR fuse boxes
  • manufacture of PLC fuse boxes

Manufacturing of compensating fuse boxes

  • manufacturing of compensating fuse boxes
  • manufacture of protected compensating fuse boxes
  • mentioned fuse boxes output is from 60kVar up to 1000kVar

Development and manufacturing

Selection labels and safety signs for electro, relay modules, industrial automatisation units, industrial fuse boxes, plastic moulded pieces for electro…etc.

Development of the programme

Processing of programme usage facility, mainly in the area of automatisated operation systems for SIMATEC, visual stations, collectors of data for Profibus network.

Realization activities

Installation work, renewal work and inspections in the mentioned business events, engineering and consulting services. Delivery and installation of cable joints – all plastic. Flaw detection control of welds and so on.

Service activity

ELT servis, s.r.o. offers you qualified service technicians, who will help you to successfully manage faultless operation, and in the case of 211 urgent interventions are available 24 hours per day.

ELT servis, s.r.o. further offers:

  • continuous service of operating systems
  • service of frequency converters
  • service of direct drives
  • emergency service for technical equipment

General supplies

Mechanical-technical supplies of mixing and production lines, including measuring and regulation systems, automatisation operation systems, high-voltage equipment, static converter, frequencies.

Consultancy Service

Consultation given in the areas of energetics, automatisation operation systems, development of mechanical-technical equipment, etc.