The new generation of low-voltage SIMOTICS SD motors with cast iron frame is robust, extremely compact with high power density. Energy efficiency concepts are future-oriented and and serve to increase competitiveness, just like the QR code that every engine motor has. This data matrix code allows access to engine data from an intelligent device. In the future, the engine will work with the new developed concept “Smart Motor Concept”. This will allow easy analysis to be provided through a cloud connection to the MindSphere. Three-phase asynchronous shourt-circuit electric motors with a cast iron frame of the 1LE5 series are designed for demanding working conditions, axial height 315-450mm.

Applications: pumps, compressors, conveyors, extruders, cranes. In industries such as: mining, cement, chemical, oil and petrol, steel, water and wastewater, heating and ventilation, pulp and paper industry, marine enginering.

  • Size
  • 315 – 450 L
  • Power range
  • 160 – 1000 kW