SIMOTICS S-1FT2 are compact permanent magnet synchronous motors and developed to operate withouth external cooling. The heat is dissipated through the motor surface. These motors have a high power density, degreee of protection and overload capability.  SIMOTICS S-1FT2 can be combined with SINAMICS S120. SIMOTICS S-1FT2 also offer a wide range of variouse options for the SINAMICS S210. For example, high-resolution encoders of up to 26 bits improve system accuracy. Higher degrees of protection up to IP67, as well as various motor modifications make it easier to use in demanding conditions.

Applications: packaging machines, handling equipment, stacking units, automatic assembly machines, laboratory automation, further woodworking, glass and ceramic industry, digital printing machines etc.

  • Power
  • 0,05 – 7,1kW
  • Shaft height
  • 40-100mm
  • Maximum torgue
  • 0,16 –  50Nm