Recently, not only the quantity of product is required, but also its high quality.We classify electricity as a product and it has its specific properties. And as a final product must meet strict quality criteria. There are devices used that are more sensitive to the quality of electricity than devices used in the past. New appliances take advantage of microprocessor technology and electrical devices, that are more sensitive to various types of interferences. There is a growing demand for the use of more efficient and controllable devices.

Using a capacity banks to improve the power factor at the user and higher harmonics in the grids caused an increase of problems related to the quality of electricity. Effects conected with the quality of electricity are: discontinuance, fluctuation and decrease of electrical voltage, distribution of higher harmonical freqences atc.

Recently, there is a significant increase of devices connected to the electrical grid and this has caused that failure or interference of a faulty device affect of surrounding appliances. Most manufacturers make sure that their equipments are faster with higher productivity and are more efficient. However, these devices often create interferences for other devices. The quality of the electricity is closely related to the economy of suppliers/customers, which is the most important faktor. The power failure can cause significant problems in the production company (production line shut down, non-compliance with production deadlines, significant downtime, etc.).


Every problem that is related to voltage deviation, current or with frequency nominal value and causes malfuntion is the quality problem of the electricity.

Company ELT servis, s.r.o. offers in mentioned causes following services:

  • network analyse
  • measurement of harmonic voltages, currents, voltage fluctuation
  • measurement of active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and energy
  • assessments prepration
  • proposals for the improvement of operations

Financial loss examples in individual sectors per event (disconnection of electricity, voltage drop, etc.).

Sector Financial loss [ Eur ]
Semiconductor devices production 126 000
Finances 200 000 per hour
Computer centre 25 000
Telekommunications 1000 per minute
Metallurgy 12 000
Glassworks 8300