As a part of benefit for the environment in the AGRO area we offer and implement Alley cropping, which represent the possbility of enhancing your lands a fields by increasing biodiversity and reducing the chemical load.

Alley cropping (agricultural or for pollinators) have in landscaping a multiple-function task. They create safety place with food for wild animals and insects, especially insect predators, bird nesting sites and these naturally protect fields from unsuitable insects and voles.

Multiple-function of Alley cropping along fiels:

  • environmental (reduce wind and water erosion, increase carbon sequestration in the soil),
  • biodiversity (form a corridor and refuge for wildlife and insects that create their own habitat),
  • socio-recreational (landscape character, natural landmarks),
  • agricultural (field boundaries, crops protecting, increasing the population of pollinators, insect predators, bird predators and this reduces the need for pesticides use that contaminate soil and groundwater).