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PLC Simatic S7


SIMATIC operating system

○  Micro PLC S7-200
○  Universal modular PLC S7 – 300
○  Complete units C7 – combination of PLC and operating panel
○  Failsafe, redundant systems and their combinations


SIMATIC PLC S7 distributed operating system

PC WinAC operation:

○  WinAC Basic - software emulated PLC
○  WinAC Slot - hardware PLC in the form of a PCI card


Systems for handling and monitoring SIMATIC HMI

○  Push button panels
○  Text displays
○  Symbol orientated operation panels
○  Graphical operation panels
○  Multifunction platform for visualisation and operation
○  SCADA system WinCC

Components for an industrial communication SIMATIC NET

○  Ethernet, industrial Ethernet
○  AS-Interface


Distributed peripherals SIMATIC DP

○  Modular peripherals ET200M
○  Slightly modular peripherals ET200S
○  Spark-safe peripherals ET200iS
○  Distributed peripherals with a high protection ET200X
○  Compact, cost effective peripherals, with high protection ET200Eco
○  Distributed peripherals for robotic applications ET200R


Stable-based universal applicable sources SITOP Power


Identification systems MOBY


Industrial PC

○  Rack PC - for installation of 19” boxes or as a desktop
○  Panel PC
○  Box PC - without display or keyboard

Programming equipment SIMATIC PG

○  Portable notebook SIMATIC Field PG
○  Mobile work station SIMATIC Power PG