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AC 800

ABB AC 800 system with high- performance programming environment. The components of the operating system naturally integrate information from the process level to the fully opened applications, thus improving operation process by using worldwide accepted and used industrial standards and norms.

AC 800 series

○  AC 800 C
○  AC 800 M
○  AC 800 F
○  Softcontroll (currently not in stock)
○  OEM C (currently not in stock)


 Input/output cards

  • S 200

Compact cards mainly assigned for the use with AC 800 C, which can be connected directly into a processor, they also command communication of Profibus DP for remote cards.

  • S 800

Robust IP 22 cards designed for the use as local or remote cards, mainly with the AC 800 M/F processor units; they also command communication of Profibus DP for remote cards. Types with EX signals are also available.

  • S 900

Robust versions in compact unit for 16 cards, mainly designed for explosive environments. All signals operate with the protection of EX. Inbuilt advance preparation for the redundancy of connection and communication.

AC 500

New range of operating systems

○  wide range of connection with the help of Profibus, Ethernet, Modbus
○  visual control
○  interface of input and output cards 4 / 16 / 32


○  operating programme, logical functions, timers and output relays, in the one unit
○  time and space saving in developing and realization of application
○  cheap and quick realization of logic
○  easy and quick operation
○  less time required for the training in the use of modules AC010 in applications
○  option to increase input/output units to 40
○  display for the visualization of text reporting, parameters, connection diagrams, or specified functions
○  memory module for program saving, or for changes in functions and time
○  password protected
○  convenient software for programming and documentation


Basic, expandable and decentralized modules

○  maximum 24 inputs / 12 outputs
○  binary inputs – relay or transistor
○  2 analogue inputs
○  Binary relay outputs load capacity up to 10A
○  Binary transistor outputs
○  With or without display and keyboard 


 Software functions

○  logical linkage
○  timers
○  counters
○  weekly and yearly
○  real time clock
○  signal comparators 0-10 VDC