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Air pressure gauges Hartmann & Braun – 2000T series Multi Vision

○  basic accuracy measuring ± 0.075%, extended accuracy measuring ± 0.05
calibrated range
○ measurement range up to 60 MPa
○ temperature load of separated membrane up to 400oC
○ multisensor for the measurement of mass flow rate


Air pressure gauges ABB Kent-Taylor Spa – 2600T series

○ 4 basic accuracy measuring ± 0.1%, ± 0.2%, ± 0.075% and the most accurate air pressure gauge ± 0.04% of calibrated range
○ 5 years stability guarantee


Air pressure gauges for simple and reliable pressure measuring – 50T series

○ better measuring accuracy ± 0.2% BFSO (average variance from the whole input range)
○ overall measuring range from -100 to 60 000 kPa
○ piezoresistive measuring system, resistant against aggressive mediums, body of the air gauge is made from stainless steel
○ output signal 4-20mA
○ local zero setting ± 15% from the whole range


Measuring, regulation and analysis technique:

Hartmann & Braun – pressure and surface converter, converters of electrical values, regulators, graphers, indicators, fieldbus.
Fischer & Porter – flow meters.
Sensycon – thermometers, temperature converters.
ABB Kent Taylor – regulators, graphers, indicators, flow meters, valves, water analysis.
TBI-Bailey – water analysis.

Individual category of measuring equipment includes high-tech and complex solutions for industrial analysis and monitoring of gasses. Fusion of world’s manufacturers analysis technology Hartmann & Braun and ABB Kent Taylor provides a guarantee of production of quality analyzators on a high scale.


Flow measurement:

Fischer & Porter electromagnetic, vortex, float, mass
ABB Kent-Taylor electromagnetic, submersible probes, mass
Sensycon heat conductance (mass flow of gasses)
ABB Mikulov - gas meters


Temperature measurement:

Thermometer production and its accessories is the root of the manufacturing process of a well world known manufacturer Sensycon. Their offer includes:

○ Temperature scanners SensyTemp – resistance thermometers and thermo junctions
○ Temperature contactless scanners SensyTherm – portable and static
○ Compensating and extension cables – for thermo junctions, wide range of insulation
○ Temperature measuring elements – in various shapes and sizes, for various applications
○ Temperature pressure converters – for head, ledge or plant


Gas analyzers:

ELT servis s.r.o. offers a complex range of analyzers, which satisfy various measurement requests. According to a specific task, a suitable measuring method is available as a component for an optimal complex solution.


Advance Optima – one system – many solutions

Modular range of analyzers Advance Optima designates a standard of continual gas analysis.

Standard vs. tailor-made – these opposites no longer exist. With the help of our innovative range of analyzers, standarnised modules can be combined so, that they make a tailored cost effective system. We put emphasis on function and flexibility. Advance Optima is based on analysis modules with a broad spectrum of measurement principles.

○ infrared analysis module Uras 14
○ oxygen analysis module Magnos 106/17
○ heat conductance analysis module Caldos 15/17
○ ultraviolet analysis module Limas 11
○ analysis module with flame ionization Multi-FID 14

These modules specifically designed for their measuring functions, and are applied mainly due to their small measuring range and calibration, without the need of gas bottle.


EL6010 – specialists for hazardous environment with ATEX II2G EEx de IIC T4

EL6010 is a product range for a continual measuring of gas concentration in a hazardous environment. It uses analysis modules Uras 14, Magnos 106 and Caldos.

Analyzers are certified according to ATEX regulation 94/9/EC for category II. Thanks to this, it is possible to use it for measuring in zone 1 and zone 2.

○ EL6010 control unit is non-explosive – IIC. Display can be installed at eye level.
○ Simple service operation for all three analysis modules. Operation is possible with a direct help of 4 touch sensors without the need of opening the cover.
○ A Modbus interface RS232 or RS485 is integrated and enables digital switch-over between the analyzer and a PC, PLC or a process operational system


EasyLine – “clever” method of gas analysis

EasyLine provides a robust and reliable measurement technique on the basis of analysis module range Advance Optima:

○ EasyLine IR – Uras
○ EasyLine O2 – Magnos
○ EasyLine TC – Caldos.

It is designed for use in various sectors such as, food packaging, sludge processing, silo monitoring etc, and also provides the following advantages:

○ monitoring of flammable gasses without a need for a blow-through
○ simple and easy operation with only 4 push-buttons
○ easy connection to PC, PLC or a operation system with the help of inbuilt RS 232-/485 interface via a Modbus protocol


Multiwave Process Photometer – PIR3502 and PUV 3402 – infrared & ultraviolet photometer

Multiwave photometer measures on-line gas or fluid components. Advanced electronics and “user friendly” operation panel make it easy for the calibration, validation of data and diagnostics. It was specifically designed for the chemical industry – Ex production, corrosion gasses and high temperatures. Cross-connection to a PC and a process operating system is provided by VistaNET2.0.