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Naša spoločnosť ponúka viac ako 20 000 náhradných dielov k automatizačným systémom Siemens SIMATIC S5 aj S7. Skladom sú k dispozícii diely s až 30 ročným životným cyklom.

  • Procesory
  • DI/DO,AI/A0 signálne karty
  • Operátorské panely HMI
  • Komunikačné karty
  • Napájacie zdroje
  • Meniče Siemens

Ponúkame nové komponenty, ďalej opravované priamo firmou Siemens s 12 mesačnou zárukou, diely použité ale odskúšané v kompletnej zostave PLC, overená funkčnosť dielu v systéme.

Digital Microscope MAN 1001

Useful device for the industry, for the control of material structure, diagnosis of circuit boards, correct off-set of components, settings control of polygraphic machines, etc. The device is small in size and weight; therefore it is easy to use.

Matrix display for the industry

Display is designed to show texts within the industry, such as process reporting, quantities, technical information and other text notifications. It is able to display graphical symbols. It is possible to rotate the displayed information. For the emphasis of various phases or stages, it is also possible to activate a flickering (blinking) mode.

New range of frequency converters ACS 350

Newer range of frequency converters for the performance range 0.37kW - 18 kW differs from the previous type ACS 550 by upgraded control and options for sequential programming, has assisting operating panel with intuitive control. It can be mounted on a wall, or installed on a DIN ledge. It is a cost effective range for the power drive of smaller motors.

Digital Microscope MAN 1000

Range of microscopes enriched with new filter functions, such as: black & white 3D filter, colour 3D filter, inverted filter tone, and many others, which will allow a better emphasis of examined object. Dimensions of the equipment are only 112mm x 33mm. High scanning quality and recording of required objects.

Image display for the industry

This equipment is designed to display various numerical value within the industry, such as temperatures, times, speed and other values. The communication with the display is enabled due to synchronized communication, using two digital outputs from another system. We supply the communication blocks for the systems ABB AC 31, AC 500 and others, such as SIMATIC S7 300, S7 400. This concept enables to facilitate quick and easy display implementation such as peripheral equipment of operating syste

Respect the quality of electrical energy

Quality of the electrical energy is in the best interest of ELT servis s.r.o. For this reason it has begin to deal in depth with this problem, and successfully finding solutions. Quality is closely related to the price of deficiencies in the quality, therefore we have prepared a prospectus, where you can see for your self how much money you pay for poor quality of electrical energy.

Download the prospectus here